About Us


Chef Masayuki Hattori developed a love of food starting at his young age, while growing up he worked at his father’s sushi restaurant in one of the famous fish towns in Japan called Yaizu. He trained for over a decade as a professional sushi chef in various restaurants in Japan and during his career, chef Hattori was not only able to refine his cooking skill but also learn the art of traditional sushi making. His passion on food let him learn the importance of blending unique flavors and aromas of the freshest ingredients in order to make not only the most delicious but also the healthiest food. He said “Sushi is pretty simple: rice and fish, but you need to use fresh stuff.”

After chef Hattori moved to California, USA, his career path set a turning point after he became a chef in a Japanese restaurant in stockton, Cocoro Bistro. In year 2011, he decided to open his own restaurant, Yume, which is now becoming one of the local favorites and has been voted for the best Japanese restaurant in Lodi and the surrounding area for 2 years straight. Today, chef Hattori is able to stand with confidence as a chef in knowing that he ensures his customers with his unique “sushi experience”.